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Christmas Cheer… no matter what

 I think there must be something wrong with
me. I just don’t understand Christmas, I guess. I might be
getting presents and sending Christmas cards and decorating trees
and all that, but I’m still not happy. I don’t feel the way I’m
supposed to feel.

-A Charlie Brown Christmas

I love Christmas. I love the lights and the decorating and the gifts and I even love shopping. Wifey and I decorate our place inside but not out.

This year we have a big tree downstairs. I shun natural trees. Fire hazards that were doing a lovely job producing oxygen until someone took an axe to them.

The ornaments expand by one or two every year. Rarely shrink. The movies and holiday specials pile up as well.

Every year I think at the end of November that I will make a dent in the pile rewatching this year. Every year I start 10 days out from the big day and I’m lucky to get through A Christmas Carol and Charlie Brown, let alone the Bradys and the Flintstones.

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900 Things: End of the Line

From November 2012 to November 2013, I embarked on my first attempt at minimalism (not even knowing there was a word for it).

I created some good habits, but didn’t ask enough questions about what would fill the space I was creating.

The project was called “900 Things.” 

-Keith Callbeck (@geekminimalist)

On the last day of the project I wrote a final wrap up, warts and all.

I stumbled a couple of times during the project, it made it a bit of a tough road near the end. Having given into temptation once, I found it difficult to avoid abandoning the whole thing in the last weeks.

In September I gave in and picked up a couple of things at a horror convention. A similar thing happened in October at a big comic sale. I picked up a few heavily discounted trades (all on my want list) and a pile of 25 cent New Universe comics. This was definitely the worst I fell off the wagon in the year.

Why? I knew going to the sale at all was basically accepting that I was going to break my rules. I went alone so there was no social aspect. I made a choice and went.

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life is bits of time

More than what solution fits the crime

What I’ve learned is that life is bits of time

-The Mystery of Edwin Drood (Rupert Holmes)

I worked for a professional theatre in administration for nine years. I started in the ticket office and ticket stock came in a batch of 1000 wrapped with three one-foot pieces of string.

Starting late in my first year we began keeping the string and rolling it onto a ball. The center of the ball was tied by the lovely Nancy who used to be our admin assistant. When I got promoted I had my staff continue to dump the string in my office.

When I had video to watch, a script to read, or just an empty time around holidays, I would add the loose string. It was a nice quiet task to keep my hands busy while my mind was on other things.

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Pride of Place

It was the year everything changed.

-Babylon 5 opening narration

Many years ago I lived in a house with a roommate. My roommate had a friend over who happened to pass my room when I wasn’t home. “I didn’t know you had a kid,” he said. He had mistaken my action figure collection for the room of a child. Rattled my cage, to be certain. I started rethinking the quality of my collection.

Out went super-hero action figures, in came statues. Certainly higher quality and not mistaken for toys, they still lack something for me. I think it is that they breed more statues.

One statue is a statement on something you love, given pride of place.

Eight statues is a pile of stuff.

I have continued to minimize a lot of statues and figures. Clearing the way so the ones that bring me the most joy can shine.

One statue not leaving is the bust of G’Kar from Babylon 5. I love this item.

There are two connections for me here. Babylon 5 is my favorite show ever (as you can see from my mega-viewing-fest).

The other is that it cost $50. But not just any $50.

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Minimizing your autobiography of stuff

The battle’s done and we kind of won
So we sound our victory cheer
Where do we go from here?

-Buffy The Vampire Slayer – Once More With Feeling

The hardest part of any purge is taking stock of who you are at this moment as opposed to who you were or who you thought you’d be.

I tried indie film and there’s a little pile of that stuff here. I went to university for comparative religion and there’s a few remnants of that time. And when I stopped working in theatre, I had to deal with a box of plays and reference material.

I have been thinking a lot about who I want to be for the next part of my life. This excising of my past is about deciding what moves forward and what is left behind.

Baby pictures.

The pieces seem part of who I am, fragments of where I’ve been.

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